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Welcome to my website dedicate totally to The Offspring. If you don't know who the Offspring are then go away or read this:

The Offspring are:


Greg K: Bass


Dexter Holland: Vocals/guitar


Noodles: Guitar


Ron Welty: Drums


Here is a picture with their real names------->>



The Offspring have been playing punk rock since 1986 when Holland and Kreisel (Greg K) got together through their high school cross country track team in Garden Grove, Calif. The quartet progressed from playing covers on the weekends to a deal with Epitaph, the Los Angeles indie run by former Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz. The 1994 Epitaph release 'SMASH' spawned the international hit "Come Out and Play (Keep 'Em Separated).", You should be hearing that now.


So we got it, The Offspring are a punk rock band, ok you thought that punk rock was out? Wrong they are the biggest punk band in the world and everyone worships them, well maybe not everyone.


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By Jonny Leigh

Last Updated Febuary 1998

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